PG-SGA/Pt-Global Platform

Setting the standard of nutritional assessment

The Scored Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA©) sets the standard of nutritional assessment. The PG-SGA© is the preeminent interdisciplinary patient assessment (weight, intake, symptoms, functional status, disease state, metabolic stress and nutritional physical examination) in oncology and other chronic catabolic conditions. For 20 years, the PG-SGA© is used internationally and has entered the digital world in 2014.

The PG-SGA© enables the patient and professional to quickly and easily, but systematically assess and monitor (risk for) malnutrition and to evaluate effects of interventions. Moreover, the PG-SGA score triages for proactive (nutritional) intervention.

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Our Mission

Setting the standard for optimal diagnosis and treatment

Pt-Global© aims to set the standard for and to facilitate optimal diagnosis and proactive treatment of malnutrition
to improve clinical outcome and patient quality of life, by creating and sharing knowledge and materials on patient global assessment.

About us

The Pt-Global app©

The PG-SGA© has entered the digital world

The Pt-Global app© currently targets professional use, with the intent that the patient can complete the patient part independently in the clinical or research setting.

► Easy and systematic screening

► Consistent scoring and use of validated translations

► New features in the future

Available on iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

It is also possible to use the Pt-Global app© in your webbrowser.

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Latest news

Read about the latest developments

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  • moonThe PG-SGA joins the Cancer Moonshot Initiative

    “Pres. JFK took something (the moon) integral to everyday life (as is nutrition) and gave voice to a simple idea (a moon landing by decade end) that seemed impossible but gave us a vision that changed the world. PG-SGA + Technology = Cancer Success” – Summary of Idea No. 870, Faith D. Ottery, MD, PhD, […]

  • Nyhavn canal as seen from Kongens Nytorv square, Copenhagen, Denmark, Northern Europe.Poster presentations on ESPEN Congress in Copenhagen

    In the past year, multiple studies have been performed on both the PG-SGA© and PG-SGA Short Form©. We are very excited to announce that these studies will be presented at the annual ESPEN Congress, 17-20 September in Copenhagen. If you will present your work on the PG-SGA© at the ESPEN Congress too, please send us […]

  • 2015-12-12 10.15.37-111-14 May 2016: International PG-SGA Training Week

    Do you want to learn using the PG-SGA? Attend one of the PG-SGA training courses! On Saturday 14 May 2016, the Portuguese Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (APNEP) and Gabinete de Nutrição e Alimentação do Centro Hospitalar do Médio Ave, E.P.E will organize the second PG-SGA training course in Porto, Portugal. On Wednesday 11 […]

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