Educational Materials

Below you will find educational materials that will help you in using the PG-SGA© (Short Form) and/or Pt-Global app© in clinical and research practice.

► Teaching document

Please click here to download a teaching document that gives some instructions on how to let the patient complete Boxes 1 to 4 of the PG-SGA© (the part also known as the PG-SGA Short Form©), how to score the professional Worksheets, and how to interpret the data in the PG-SGA© (Short Form).

This document has been adapted from a consensus document of Dietitians/Nutritionists from Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO). We kindly acknowledge NEMO for the work in developing this document.

► Prednisone Equivalents

Please click here to download the prednisone equivalent schema, which will help you in scoring metabolic stress.

► Physical Exam

Here you can read about the physical examination from a nutritional standpoint, authored by Dr. Faith Ottery.

More helpful information on the nutrition-focused physical exam can be found here.

► YouTube videos

On the Pt-Global YouTube channel you can watch various videos on the PG-SGA© and Pt-Global app/web tool©, including the video of the famous lecture of dr. Faith Ottery: “PG-SGA: Where we started … and where we are going”, and the short video “Everything you need to know about the PG-SGA”.

► Demo of Pt-Global app on YouTube

In the video on YouTube you can watch how the Pt-Global app/web tool© works.
We want to thank Joy Heimgartner, MS, RD, CSO, LD, for making the video and her positive feedback on the Pt-Global app/web tool©.

► PG-SGA© Facts and Numbers

Want to learn more about the PG-SGA© facts and numbers? View the PG-SGA© infographic!

► Review article on the Scored PG-SGA©

In this narrative review you will find information about the history, rationale and utilization of the Scored PG-SGA© (pages 7-12).