Pt-Global webtool©


The Pt-Global web tool©

On 12 June 2014 the PG-SGA© has entered the digital world. After having first been available as both app and web tool version, the digital PG-SGA is now only available as Pt-Global web tool©.

Easy and systematic screening and assessment

The Pt-Global web tool© facilitates all health care professionals (e.g., dietitians, nurses, doctors and others) in performing an easy and systematic screening for nutritional risk, for nutritional assessment, for interventional triaging, and for nutritional monitoring during and after intervention.

Consistent scoring and use of validated multilingual translations

The Pt-Global web tool© facilitates consistent scoring and use of validated multilingual translations of the PG-SGA© that will facilitate a significantly broader utilization for the  paper-based version of the PG-SGA© currently used in research and clinical practice settings.


ptglobal ipad app

Future development 

The Pt-Global web tool© currently targets professional use, with the intent that the patient can complete the patient component independently in the clinical or research setting. The Pt-Global web tool includes the English, Dutch and Portuguese language.

Web tool availability

The Pt-Global web tool© has been designed for use in your web browser on a personal computer, laptop, tablet or a large screen smartphone. 

For less than €6 you get unlimited use. Go to the Pt-Global web tool where you can profit from the advantages of the digital PG-SGA©.

Do you have interest in multiple licenses for your institution, clinical practice or company? Please contact us at or by the contact form.

ptglobal ipad app

Scientific evidence

Dr. Faith Ottery and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences perform scientific research on the PG-SGA© and the Pt-Global web tool with the Pt-Global Research Consortium. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: the efficacy and efficiency of the Pt-Global web tool© on the health care process and the validity of the PG-SGA© in populations with chronic diseases and (frail) older people. Are you interested to perform research on the PG-SGA© and/or Pt-Global app©? Please contact us at or by the contact form.

Watch the video

Curious about how the Pt-Global web tool© works? You can watch a demo of the Pt-Global web tool© at YouTube.
We want to thank Joy Heimgartner, MS, RD, CSO, LD, for making the video and her positive feedback on the Pt-Global web tool©.