The PG-SGA joins the Cancer Moonshot Initiative

The PG-SGA joins the Cancer Moonshot Initiative

“Pres. JFK took something (the moon) integral to everyday life (as is nutrition) and gave voice to a simple idea (a moon landing by decade end) that seemed impossible but gave us a vision that changed the world. PG-SGA + Technology = Cancer Success
– Summary of Idea No. 870, Faith D. Ottery, MD, PhD, FACN

On January 12, 2016, The White House launched a new Cancer Moonshot to accelerate cancer research. The Cancer Moonshot Initiative will work to break down barriers to progress by enhancing data access, and facilitating collaborations with researchers, doctors, philanthropies, patients, and patient advocates, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The initiative aims to bring about a decade’s worth of advances in five years, making more therapies available to more patients, while also improving our ability to prevent cancer and detect it at an early stage. (Source:

In Idea No. 870, the PG-SGA/Pt-Global Platform proposed to integrate the gold standard of nutritional assessment, the validated Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA), or its app, into oncology clinical trials, electronic medical records, and Big Data interfaces such as CancerLinQ, to understand the impact of addressing (or failing to address) simple variables of weight loss, intake, symptoms/impediments and ECOG performance status on patient and oncologic outcomes.

You can read the full pdf version of the idea here. Please add your comments!