16. What does ‘patient-generated’ mean?

The original SGA was developed as an assessment tool to be performed by a professional – originally the physician but this has expanded to performance by other professionals such as dietitians and nurses. There were two key reasons that the creators...
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15. Is the PG-SGA© a validated instrument?

Predictive validity of the PG-SGA© (e.g. significant association with length of hospital stay) has been shown in both cancer patients (Laky et al., 2010) and non-cancer surgery patients (Huang et al., 2014). Furthermore, the PG-SGA© score has been associated...
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13. How can I learn to use the PG-SGA©?

There are a number of resources found on the Pt-Global website at In addition, Dr. Ottery, Dr. Jager-Wittenaar and others who have used the PG-SGA© extensively and are part of the Pt-Global Scientific Advisory Board or the Research Consortium...
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